Animated short film
Produced by TripleDotMakers
Directed by Joe England and Abbie Willcox
Join Captain Keeling’s crew for a treacherous journey East to find out how the curse of idleness is lifted by a performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. A fascinating story inspired by historical events.
This is the first in a series of projects exploring the role of art and idleness in today’s society through the eyes of The Red Dragon.
Analogue animation: Annie Woodson
VFX / Compositing: Jim Dawson
Narrative and Original Characters: Hannah Hobson
Illustration: Anna Mayall
Composer and Musician: Amina Hussain
Voice-over: Joe England
With specials thanks to:
Ben Crystal, Dr Misha Ewen and Dr Rachel Winchcombe
Supported by Arts Council England
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